The people behind the progress.

Meet the people who are driving the continued growth at Citizens Parking.

Harry Jackson

Vice President Human Resources

Harry joined Lanier Parking as Director of Human Resources and Training in August 2016. He oversaw HR operational execution at Lanier Parking and the design and implementation of training systems for the organization. Harry was assigned to take on additional responsibility as Vice President of Human Resources for AmeriPark and Vice President of Training for Citizens in April 2017.

Harry has over 20 years of Human Resources experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry. With Yum! Brands, Harry worked as Leader of Training in the southeast as well as Director of HR for Taco Bell and KFC. Additionally, Harry is actively involved in volunteer activities with the community working on social programs within the prison systems, education and outreach programs, and literacy initiatives.

Harry has been an active member of S.H.R.M. since 2005 and earned the credentials and certification as a Senior Certified Professional of Human Resources. Harry also received and maintains the S.P.H.R. certifications with H.R.C.I. and several other licenses and certifications within the associated professional disciplines of benefits, legal compliance, and compensation.