The people behind the progress.

Meet the people who are driving the continued growth at Citizens Parking.

Robert Cizek

EVP - New Business Development

Robert joined Lanier Parking in April 2016 as Executive Vice President of Sales and New Business Development. 

For more than 24 years Robert worked for Central Parking, the largest commercial operator in the industry at the time, starting as an entry-level manager. After gaining hands-on knowledge of the operations, Robert quickly moved up through the management ranks and ran a significant portion of their US portfolio as an officer of the company. 

Robert has worked in a wide range of verticals, including airports, municipal, stadiums and commercial and mixed-use properties. 

Robert has built strong relationships throughout the US as a result of his work at Central Parking and then Standard Parking, working with national real estate firms and institutional investors throughout his career.

Robert attended the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where he graduated with a degree in Small Business Management while playing D1 tennis on a full scholarship.