Anything but ordinary.

In 2019, six leading parking brands came together to form the largest parking operator in North America—REEF.

We transform underutilized urban spaces into neighborhood hubs that connect people to locally curated goods, services, and experiences. With an ecosystem of 4,500 locations and a team of 15,000 people, REEF is the largest operator of mobility, logistics hubs, and neighborhood kitchens in the United States, Canada, and has a growing presence in Europe. Together we are leveraging the power of proximity™ to keep our communities moving forward in a sustainable and thoughtful way.

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How does a company stand out in a crowd of parking companies? By never settling for ordinary. Citizens is not an ordinary company. We do not intend to become one. 

Created in 2014, Citizens has written a new story that originated leadership in branded parking services. With 3 brands, 1,100 locations and 7,000 employees we have harnessed the power of our brands and are leveraging a collaborative business platform to seize and capitalize on exceptional opportunities for long term performance. This is transforming our industry.

We have united our brands and operation platform within a company culture that combines creativity, operational excellence and financial discipline. Our talented, achievement focused team is growing our powerful brand experiences to give us a lasting advantage in servicing our customers and clients.  

With the industry’s most diverse family of parking brands, we serve customers and clients in every vertical market and geography. Many of our brands lead their respective categories and some have risen to iconic status.  

At Citizens Parking, we've become one of the largest parking companies nationwide. Combined, our major parking brands — Lanier, Park One, AmeriPark — provide 1,100 locations, 7,000 employees, and 300,000 parking spaces across the US and Puerto Rico. Join us, our business model is built on a thoughtfully selected and rigorously managed collection of brands. We invest in their growth, and we constantly seek opportunities to add other strong brands to the company’s portfolio.

Who we service

With a client retention rate of 98.7 percent among hundreds of major commercial properties nationwide, we're setting new standards in commercial real estate parking solutions.

We develop creative and efficient parking solutions that provide outstanding customer experiences while maximizing net return. And since each parking facility has unique challenges and opportunities, we customize our solutions to the needs of each facility.

At Citizens, we:

  • Offer full accountability and transparency through extensive reporting and client collaboration
  • Incorporate innovative parking technology and equipment solutions
  • Offer alternative-transportation solutions like BikeSpotâ„¢, charging stations and commuter shuttle options in an effort to increase parking ratios with off site parking options
  • Hire and train exceptional staff to provide an exceptional customer experience

World class mixed use centers attract sophisticated customers who require a high level of service. We deliver passionate service expectations that match the quality of the developments. 

By utilizing technology to advance the customer experience, we have developed brilliant parking solutions for the most challenging parking situations. That is how we have established an excellent record of performance in mixed use developments.

Hotel valet provides an opportunity for enhancement of your guest experience.  Our staff is trained to provide efficient hospitality that reflects positively on your hotel.

With parking operations for over 100 significant hotels under our management, we are a parking hospitality leader.

Our retail specific operating team has created extraordinary programs that bridge parking into the overall shopping experience. This is through special VIP Parking programs, Valet Parking, Shuttles and Concierge services.

The exceptional management team leads the industry with more than 100 retail properties nationwide with the largest retail operators in the world.

Our airport division is one of the newest endeavors for our growing company. We have attracted leading airport industry professionals that are developing techniques to enhance the parking experience while dramatically improving the key financial performance in an increasingly competitive environment. Our airport solutions encompass all components including self parking, valet, shuttles, parking equipment and marketing.

Our fast growing government sector is managed as a separate division to specifically meet the unique needs of public agencies and stakeholders. Our team is experienced at the high level of accountability required for public parking partnerships.  

To ensure that we meet community expectations, we regularly attend business and neighborhood meetings, hire from community employment programs, lend support to local initiatives, use local vendors, and join community chapters and charities. 

We provide a complete range of services including:

  • Off-street parking management
  • On-street collections
  • Enforcement
  • Adjudication and citation processing
  • Application of advanced technology to enhance public sector parking operations

The healthcare market is evolving quickly and the parking opportunities created by these changes are transformative. We extend patient and visitor care from the parking areas to the hand off to medical professionals. Our parking programs are tailored uniquely to each medical facility and our staff undergoes medical specific training to ensure that a positive experience is provided.

Our healthcare team has over 50 major medical facilities under management and they provide a complete range of services including:

  • Self Park Management
  • Valet
  • Shuttles
  • Patient Transport

Our Special Events team has extensive experience at managing parking and transportation for some of the world’s highest profile special events including Super Bowls, multiple Olympic Games, Pan American Games and PGA Championships. We also are experts at entertainment venues and have multiple concert venues under management today.

They provide a complete range of services including:

  • Spectator Parking
  • VIP/Valet 
  • Shuttles
  • Traffic Control

A consistent and reliable shuttle service can enhance customer service while also expanding your parking operations. With our variety of vehicle and service options, we provide effective and efficient shuttle solutions for all operations. We also provide courteous, responsive customer service, as well as safety and amenity programs that leave a positive impression on your patrons.

We can help with planning, managing and operating a shuttle service that links your property with local transit stations, conference centers, hotels, retail stores and restaurants.

With our extensive experience in condominium parking management, we work closely with you to provide solutions that meet the exact needs of your buildings and residents. Our rigorously trained staff will always: 

  • Manage and serve residents and guests efficiently and courteously
  • Provide concierge services for taxi, limo, and other transportation needs
  • Promptly accommodate resident requests

As the most trusted and recognized brand in the parking industry, we deliver a superior customer experience. Count on us to provide a strong first and last impression with residents, prospective residents and guests.

As the NBA, MLB and NFL have dramatically increased the fan experience, we are on the forefront of how to better integrate parking and transportation into the full fan experience. In conjunction with Inrix and Parkme, our company has developed technology solutions that better organize traffic management, as well as expand VIP parking possibilities enhancing fan experience as well as unlocking additional revenue opportunities.

Our services include:

  • Self Parking Management
  • VIP Valet
  • Shuttles
  • Transportation Management
  • Traffic Management